Security is important to us

We at Najbor have committed ourselves to keeping people safe throughout the process. Thanks to our technology, we can focus on customer safety before, during and after each service. This is how it works.

Before ordering

Make sure you get the right agent

Available to all, everywhere

Najbor is always available and our vision is to be everywhere in the world

Agent profiles
Once you’ve been matched with an agent, you’ll get access to your nickname, registration time, photo and review – so you’ll always know who’s coming up to you in advance. And after the service has been completed, you can contact the agent if you have questions.

When service is being done

Routines to ensure

Id check and verification code
In order to make sure it is the right agent to visit you, we always ask our agents to show ID cards and verification code. This code only has you and the agent.

Background check on all agents
We carried out background check on all our agents so we can make your experience as safe as possible.

After service done

Always here for you

Anonymous feedback
After each assigment, you can give the agent a review  about your experience. We review all feedback because our goal is that all Najbor services should be amazing experiences.

Support 24/7
Our support team is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Snabba svar
Our specially-trained incident team is ready 24 hours a day to handle troublesome problems that may arise.

We offer the first service for free

Airbnb cleaning

If you need help with cleaning your Airbnb accommodation, use our app!

Assemble Ikea furniture

Just bought a furniture and need help to assemble it. Our handyman is the answer for you.

Computer Help

Is the computer slow or you the internet doesn’t work. Our agents help you with everything around the computer.